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Title: Performance Analysis of Hybrid RF/FSO System Using BPSK-SIM and DPSK-SIM Over Gamma-Gamma Turbulence Channel With Pointing Errors for Smart City Applications
Authors: Krishnan, P.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: IEEE Access, 2018, Vol.6, , pp.75025-75032
Abstract: The flourishing technology in wireless communication-free space optics (FSO) offers lots of merits over radio frequency (RF) links due to its license free bandwidth, ease of installation, high security features, and viable cost for short distance communication. It's high speed data rate and immunity against electromagnetic interference makes FSO the emerging technology of today. But, FSO is not always reliable especially during atmospheric conditions, such as fog, rain, mist, and snow. Hence, in account a new technique of hybrid FSO/RF, this includes advantages of both FSO and RF technologies. Through this paper intend to perform an extensive analysis of the error and misalignment effects encountered in line of sight communication. Pointing error and turbulence effects are the main drawback parameters for our analysis. For this purpose I have taken into consideration different modulation techniques-binary phase shift keying-subcarrier intensity modulation, differential phase shift keying-subcarrier intensity modulation communication system with reference to on-off keying (OOK) modulation. The novel expressions for outage probability and BER for both FSO and RF system are derived which uses Rician channel and 16QAM modulation scheme alongside hybrid FSO/RF system for weak, moderate, and strong turbulence regimes using Meijer-G function. 2013 IEEE.
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