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Title: Role of zirconia filler on friction and dry sliding wear behaviour of bismaleimide nanocomposites
Authors: Kurahatti, R.V.
Surendranathan, A.O.
Srivastava, S.
Singh, N.
Ramesh, Kumar, A.V.
Suresha, B.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Materials and Design, 2011, Vol.32, 5, pp.2644-2649
Abstract: This paper discusses the friction and dry sliding wear behaviour of nano-zirconia (nano-ZrO2) filled bismleimide (BMI) composites. Nano-ZrO2 filled BMI composites, containing 0.5, 1, 5 and 10wt.% were prepared using high shear mixer. The influence of these particles on the microhardness, friction and dry sliding wear behaviour were measured with microhardness tester and pin-on-disc wear apparatus. The experimental results indicated that the frictional coefficient and specific wear rate of BMI can be reduced at rather low concentration of nano-ZrO2. The lowest specific wear rate of 4 10-6mm3/Nm was observed for 5wt.% nano-ZrO2 filled composite which is decreased by 78% as compared to the neat BMI. The incorporation of nano-ZrO2 particles leads to an increased hardness of BMI and wear performance of the composites shows good correlation with the hardness up to 5wt.% of filler loading. The results have been supplemented with scanning electron micrographs to help understand the possible wear mechanisms. 2011 Elsevier Ltd.
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