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Title: Rhodamine-based Cu2+-selective fluorosensor: Synthesis, mechanism, and application in living cells
Authors: Sikdar, A.
Roy, S.
Haldar, K.
Sarkar, S.
Panja, S.S.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Journal of Fluorescence, 2013, Vol.23, 3, pp.495-501
Abstract: A rhodamine B-based fluorescence probe (1) for the sensitive and selective detection of Cu2+ ion has been designed and synthesized using pyridine moiety. The optical properties of this compound have been investigated in acetonitrile-water binary solution (7:3 v/v). Compound 1 is found to be an excellent sensor for a biologically/physiologically very important transition metal ion (Cu2+) using only the two very different modes of measurements (absorption and emission)
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