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Title: Performance analysis of a cooperative MAC protocol of wireless ad hoc networks
Authors: Chavhan, S.
Venkataram, P.
Chetan, Kumar, S.
Sowmya, Kamath S.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: IETE Journal of Research, 2014, Vol.60, 2, pp.106-118
Abstract: Different medium access control (MAC) layer protocols, for example, IEEE 802.11 series and others are used in wireless local area networks. They have limitation in handling bulk data transfer applications, like video-on-demand, videoconference, etc. To avoid this problem a cooperative MAC protocol environment has been introduced, which enables the MAC protocol of a node to use its nearby nodes MAC protocol as and when required. We have found on various occasions that specified cooperative MAC establishes cooperative transmissions to send the specified data to the destination. In this paper we propose cooperative MAC priority (CoopMACPri) protocol which exploits the advantages of priority value given by the upper layers for selection of different paths to nodes running heterogeneous applications in a wireless ad hoc network environment. The CoopMACPri protocol improves the system throughput and minimizes energy consumption. Using a Markov chain model, we developed a model to analyse the performance of CoopMACPri protocol; and also derived closed-form expression of saturated system throughput and energy consumption. Performance evaluations validate the accuracy of the theoretical analysis, and also show that the performance of CoopMACPri protocol varies with the number of nodes. We observed that the simulation results and analysis reflects the effectiveness of the proposed protocol as per the specifications. Copyright 2014 by the IETE.
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