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Title: Radio Numbers of Some Caterpillars
Authors: Kola, S.R.
Panigrahi, P.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 2015, Vol.48, , pp.289-296
Abstract: Radio coloring of a graph G with diameter d is an assignment f of positive integers to the vertices of G such that |f(u)-f(v)|?1+d-d(u,v) where u and v are any two distinct vertices of G and d(u,v) is the distance between u and v. The number max {f(u): u? V(G)} is called the span of f. The minimum of spans over all radio colorings of G is called the radio number of G, denoted by rn(G). An m-distant tree T is a tree in which there is a path P of maximum length such that every vertex in V(T) \ V(P) is at most distance m from P. This path P is called a central path. Every tree can be represented as an m-distant tree for some non-negative integer m. In this paper, we find the radio number of a class of 1-distant trees (or caterpillars). 2015 Elsevier B.V.
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