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Title: Properties of laterite aggregate concrete
Authors: Raju, N.K.
Ramakrishnan, R.
Issue Date: 1972
Citation: Mat riaux et Constructions, 1972, Vol.5, 5, pp.307-314
Abstract: The paper presents the results of tests conducted on fresh and hardened concrete using laterite as aggregate. Several mixes of laterite aggregate concrete were made with varying watercement and aggregate-cement ratios to study the properties like workability, compressive, flexural, tensile strength and Modulus of elasticity. The tests indicate that the workability decreases with increasing aggregate-water ratio. The compressive strength of laterite aggregate concrete is considerably lower than that of gravel or crushed granite aggregate concrete, while the average ratio of cylinder to cube strength compared favourably with that for normal aggregate concrete, for the range of aggregate and water-cement ratios covered in this investigation. 1972 Secr tariat de R daction.
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