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Title: Production of naringinase by a new soil isolate of Serratia Sp.: Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources
Authors: Pavithra, M.
Belur, P.D.
Saidutta, M.B.
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Research Journal of Biotechnology, 2012, Vol.7, 4, pp.208-211
Abstract: Four strains of Naringin degrading bacteria were isolated and tested for naringinase activity. All the four isolates showed extracellular naringinase activity. The one which showed consistently good activity in three different media was selected (2 U/L) and identified by phenotypic characterization as Serratia Sp. In shake-flask trials, effect of various carbon and nitrogen sources was studied. Among all the carbon sources, glucose enhanced the naringinase production. Peptone supplemented with ammonium nitrate was found to be favourable. Maximum of 9.2 U/L naringinase activity was achieved in the medium comprising naringin, glucose, peptone, ammonium nitrate and salts.
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