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Title: Preparation and evaluation of heavy metal rejection properties of polysulfone/chitosan, polysulfone/N-succinyl chitosan and polysulfone/N-propylphosphonyl chitosan blend ultrafiltration membranes
Authors: Kumar, R.
Isloor, A.M.
Ismail, A.F.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Desalination, 2014, Vol.350, , pp.102-108
Abstract: Heavy metal rejection properties of chitosan based polysulfone/chitosan (PSf/CS), polysulfonef/N-succinyl chitosan (PSf/NSCS) and polysulfone/N-propylphosphonyl chitosan (PSf/NPPCS) ultrfiltration (UF) membranes were evaluated. The rejection of membranes towards the copper, cadmium and nickel ions was studied during ultrafiltration (UF) by polymer enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) processes. The flux change during the UF process and the effect of pH on the rejection were determined. The membrane recycling property was studied during PEUF process by filtering chelated CuSO4 solution. A maximum of 78% of Cu, 73% of Ni and 68% of Cd rejection for M-5 membrane, 75% of Cu, 71% of Ni and 66% of Cd rejection for M-8 membrane and 76% of Cu, 69% of Ni and 66% of Cd rejection for M-2 membrane with reasonably good flux was observed. Further improvement in heavy metal ion rejection was achieved by PEUF process. Membrane M-5 showed a maximum of 98%, 95% and 92% rejection for Cu, Ni and Cd respectively with steady state flux of 117L/m2h. An increase in membrane recycling property after the metal ion rejection was mainly attributed to the hydrophilicity of CS, NSCS and NPPCS. 2014 Elsevier B.V.
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