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Title: Photoconductivity and photo-detecting properties of vacuum deposited ZnSe thin films
Authors: Gowrish, Rao, K.
Bangera, K.V.
Shivakumar, G.K.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Solid State Sciences, 2011, Vol.13, 11, pp.1921-1925
Abstract: The paper reports the detailed analysis of photoconductivity and photo-detecting properties of vacuum deposited zinc selenide (ZnSe) thin films. The vacuum deposited ZnSe films were found to have high absorption coefficient and showed peak photo-response at 460 nm. The photocurrent and photo-response time of the films were measured as a function of substrate temperature and annealing conditions. Considerable increase in photocurrent and much faster photo-response was observed in films deposited at high substrate temperatures. Annealing at moderate temperatures also improved the photoconductivity and response time of the films. 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.
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