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Title: Microstructure and tribological behavior of flame sprayed and microwave fused CoMoCrSi/CoMoCrSi-Cr3C2 coatings
Authors: Prasad, C.D.
Joladarashi, S.
Ramesh, M.R.
Srinath, M.S.
Channabasappa, B.H.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Materials Research Express, 2019, Vol.6, 2, pp.-
Abstract: This present work deals with the investigation of dry sliding wear behavior of CoMoCrSi and CoMoCrSi-Cr3C2 depositing on titanium substrate through Flame spray process, subsequently fused by the microwave hybrid heating process. Prior to the deposition of the coating, CoMoCrSi powder is milled by using high energy ball milling (HEBM) process and later 30% of Cr3C2 powder is added. Microstructural features and phase analysis of milled powders, as-coated and microwave fused coatings are inspected by using SEM with EDS and XRD process respectively. The coatings before and after fusing are tested for microhardness and bond strength by using a Vickers microhardness and universal tensile machines respectively. Dry sliding wear behavior of coatings before and after fusing is conducted against alumina counter face at ambient and elevated temperatures, also normal load is varied. The wear mechanism of both coatings is examined by employing XRD, SEM-EDS techniques. The fused coatings exhibit lower friction and better wear resistance compared with as-deposited coatings. The detailed results of each test of their coatings are discussed in this paper. 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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