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Title: Microstructural characterization and hardness evaluation of friction stir welded composite AA6061-4.5Cu-5SiC (Wt.%)
Authors: Shettigar, A.K.
Salian, G.
Herbert, M.
Rao, S.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Defence Science Journal, 2013, Vol.63, 4, pp.429-434
Abstract: Recent developments in advanced materials research have led to the emergence of new materials having features like low density, high strength to weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, heat and corrosion resistance. In friction stir welding (FSW), a non-consumable rotating welding tool is used to generate the frictional heat and plastic deformation of the material in the welding zone, which is in the solid state. The advantages of FSW as compared to the fusion welding are high joint strength, less defect weld, uniform distribution of grain structure in the weld zone and low power consumption. AA6061 with 4.5 % weight of copper and 5 % weight of SiC composite material has been prepared to conduct experiment and carry out characterization, evaluation of the mechanical properties. Micro-structural characterization of the weld zone is carried out by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Evaluation of hardness was also carried out across the weld zone. A successful method for FSW of AA6061-4.5(wt.%) Cu-5(wt.%) SiC has been developed. 2013, DESIDOC.
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