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Title: Optoelectronic exploration of novel non-symmetrical star-shaped discotic liquid crystals based on cyanopyridine
Authors: Vinayakumara, D.R.
Swamynathan, K.
Kumar, S.
Adhikari, A.V.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, Vol.42, 20, pp.16999-17008
Abstract: A novel family of non-symmetrical star-shaped cyanopyridine based discotic liquid crystals (CPBz6, CPBz8 and CPBz12) was designed and synthesized, as potential luminescent materials for optoelectronic applications. The length of one of the arms in the design was systematically varied to determine the structure-property relationships. Evidently, all of the compounds exhibited a highly prospective ordered columnar mesomorphism stabilized at ambient temperature with advantageous very low isotropization temperatures. Furthermore, their photophysical characteristics were investigated in depth, both in solution and in the liquid crystal (LC) state. The discotics were found to be intense blue emitters with reasonably good quantum efficiency. Their dynamic intramolecular charge-transfer (ICT) behaviour was confirmed by steady-state absorption and fluorescence spectral analysis in varied solvent polarity. Furthermore, their electrochemical properties were studied from the combination of an experimental method and the theoretical simulations, which elucidated the low laying frontier molecular orbitals (FMOs) with a narrow energy band gap of ?2.0 eV. The resulted visually perceivable emission with favourable energy levels showcases their possible application in electronic display devices. 2018 The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
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