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Title: Online voltage estimation and control for smart distribution networks
Authors: Raghavendra, P.
Gaonkar, D.N.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 2016, Vol.4, 1, pp.40-46
Abstract: The increasing deployment of Distributed Generation (DG) technologies introduces power quality challenges to the grid, in particular steady state voltage rise at the connection point forDGunits. In most distribution networks, control and monitoring of grid parameters is missing, as well as system security is at risk. Smart grid technologies have the capability to realize the real-time measurements and on-load voltage controls. With the steady implementation of smart grid technologies throughout the existing distribution networks, the online voltage control can be achieved ensuring the power quality and voltage levels within the statutory limits. This study presents a methodology for the estimation of voltage profile in a smart distribution network with DG for the online voltage control, taking into account different line X/R ratios and laterals. This method is based on maximum and minimum voltage estimation by remote terminal units (RTUs) placed only at DG connected bus and at capacitor connected bus. Voltage regulation is carried out based on RTUs estimated values. This work is tested on two radial distribution networks with/without DGs and laterals. Comparative results for voltage magnitudes estimated with different methodology are presented. The reported simulation results show that the method presented is capable of estimating the voltage profile along the distribution network with DGs for the online voltage control, considering different line X/R ratios and laterals. The Author(s) 2016.
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