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Title: Mechanical characterization of natural fiber intra-ply fabric polymer composites: Influence of chemical modifications
Authors: Rajesh, M.
Jeyaraj, P.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2017, Vol.36, 22, pp.1651-1664
Abstract: The influence of surface treatment (alkali, potassium permanganate, benzoyl chloride and silane) on the mechanical, dynamic mechanical and free vibration properties of intra-ply hybrid banana/jute woven fabric composite has been analyzed. Intra-ply woven fabrics are fabricated by keeping banana yarn in weft direction and jute yarn in warp direction of a basket-type woven fabric. Results reveal that the enhancement of tensile and flexural strengths of the composite due to the chemical treatment is marginal, except for the benzoyl chloride treatment. However, the chemical treatment results in better impact strength compared to the untreated composite. Tensile, flexural and impact strengths of the benzoyl chloride treatment increase by 10%, 30% and 50%, respectively, compared to untreated composite. It is evident from Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectra that benzoyl chloride treatment effectively removes the hemicellulose and lignin content. It is observed that benzoyl chloride and alkali treatment improves the dynamic mechanical characteristics. Experimental modal analysis carried out on intra-ply fabric composites reveals that benzoyl chloride treatment increases the natural frequency significantly compared to the untreated composite. 2017, The Author(s) 2017.
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