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Title: Obrechkoff methods having additional parameters for general second-order differential equations
Authors: Sesappa, Rai, A.
Ananthakrishnaiah, U.
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 1997, Vol.79, 2, pp.167-182
Abstract: A class of two-step implicit methods involving higher-order derivatives of y for initial value problems of the form y? = f(t, y, y?)is developed. The methods involve arbitrary parameters p and q, which are determined so that the methods become absolutely stable when applied to the test equation y? + ?y? + ?y = 0. Numerical results for Bessel's and general second-order differential equations are presented to illustrate that the methods are absolutely stable and are of order O(h4), O(h6) and O(h8).
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