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Title: Mechanical and tribological behavior of woven sisal fabric
Authors: Nagamadhu, M.
Jeyaraj, P.
Mohankumar, G.C.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Tribology in Industry, 2019, Vol.41, 4, pp.622-633
Abstract: A study has been carried out to investigate the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Woven Sisal Fabric. Two Plain fabrics were prepared by changing gram per unit area (GSM), and one weft rib fabric is prepared to understand the effect of woven structure on mechanical and wear properties. These fabrics textile properties were determined as per textile ASTM standards. The tensile properties of these fabrics were studied in both warp and weft directions. Further, pilling resistance, abrasion resistance and wear properties of these fabrics were studied using L27 Taguchi Orthogonal Array. The tensile properties were found to be better in weft direction as compared to warp direction in all type of fabrics. The pilling resistances were found better in weft rib fabrics. The abrasion resistance is exhibited better at higher GSM. From the results, it also reveals that higher the crimp value more the resistance against adhesion wear using Pin on disk method. More the yarn linear density more the resistance for adhesion wear. However, the wear load, woven pattern and traveling distance have a significant impact on weight loss and frictional force. 2019 Published by Faculty of Engineering.
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