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Title: Modification of eutectic silicon in Al-Si alloys
Authors: Hegde, S.
Prabhu, K.N.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Journal of Materials Science, 2008, Vol.43, 9, pp.3009-3027
Abstract: The mechanical properties of Al-Si alloys are strongly related to the size, shape and distribution of eutectic silicon present in the microstructure In order to improve mechanical properties, these alloys are generally subjected to modification melt treatment, which transforms the acicular silicon morphology to fibrous one resulting in a noticeable improvement in elongation and strength. Improper melt treatment procedures, fading and poisoning of modifiers often result in the structure which is far from the desired one. Hence it is essential to assess the effectiveness of melt treatment before pouring. A much investigated reliable thermal analysis technique is generally used for this purpose. The deviation from the standard curve in thermal analysis helps in assessing the level of refinement of the Si structure. In the present review an attempt is made to discuss various aspects of modification, including mechanism, interaction of defects and non-destructive assessment by thermal analysis. 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.
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