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Title: Miniaturization of automobile radiator by using zinc-water and zinc oxide-water nanofluids
Authors: Sonage, B.K.
Mohanan, P.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2015, Vol.29, 5, pp.2177-2185
Abstract: High performing fluids for energy conservation and energy efficiency replace conventional heat transfer fluids. This study relates to the development of an alternative heat transfer fluid called as nanofluid. Nanofluid is a dispersion of solid nanoparticles in a base fluid having enhanced thermal properties compared to base fluid. Zinc and Zinc oxide, being eco-friendly and having easy nanoparticle production processes, are considered for the synthesis of nanofluids of different volume fractions. In this experimental study related to heat transfer, the preparation of Zinc-water (Zn-H<inf>2</inf>O) nanofluid involves the single step method, while the preparation of Zinc oxide-water (ZnO-H<inf>2</inf>O) uses the two-step method. Six nanofluids comprising of three Zn-H<inf>2</inf>O and three ZnO-H<inf>2</inf>O in different volume fractions are tried for this study. Conduct an experimental study to calculate the enhancement of heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop compared to water. Apply the performance evaluation criterion to assess the heat transfer performance of the considered nanofluids. Amongst the six nanofluids, Zn-H<inf>2</inf>O nanofluid of 0.5% volume fraction proves to have the best heat transfer performance. Then, assess this high performing fluid theoretically in an automobile radiator to get benefits of its use. If by replacing the water with Zn-H<inf>2</inf>O nanofluid of 0.5% volume fraction it is estimated that the size of the radiator, inventory of the fluid, and pumping power is reduced, thus, making this nanofluid an energy efficient fluid for the engine cooling system. 2015, The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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