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Title: Low Voltage, Low Power Gm-C filter for low frequency applications
Authors: Hanumantha, Rao, G.
Rekha, S.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Journal of Low Power Electronics, 2018, Vol.14, 2, pp.266-274
Abstract: This paper describes a low voltage, low power Transconductance-C (Gm-C) filter for low frequency applications. A tunable bulk-driven transconductor is proposed to realize the filter. The transcon-ductance (Gm) is tunable from 8 nS to 90 nS, which is suitable for low frequency Gm-C filters. The transconductor consumes a power of 86 nW. To evaluate the performance of the proposed transconductor, a 2nd order Butterworth low pass filter (LPF) is designed. The cutoff frequency of the filter is tunable from 74 Hz to 820 Hz. The filter offers a dynamic range of 52 dB while consuming a power of 248 nW for a nominal cutoff frequency of 456 Hz. The circuit has been designed and simulated in UMC 180 nm technology with a supply voltage of 0.5 V. Copyright 2018 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.
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