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Title: Knowledge management influence on safety management practices evidence from construction industry
Authors: Deepak, M.D.
Mahesh, G.
Medi, N.K.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: International Journal of Knowledge Management, 2019, Vol.15, 4, pp.16-37
Abstract: Many studies have been conducted in relation with knowledge management (KM), indicating the benefit associated with KM; among which safety management (SM) improvement is one of them. So, the aim of this article is to assess the influence of KM on SM practices in construction industry. In this regard, various factors that affect KM and SM are identified through literature review. Then, a questionnaire survey was facilitated to collect data based on the identified factors. These factors are ranked using a relative importance index (RII) to ascertain the level of importance among its group. Further, correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis are carried out to test and measure the strength of the relationship between KM and SM factors. Results indicate that there exists a definite and significant relationship between the factors of KM and SM in construction industry. Overall, the results obtained from the study will assist practitioners and professionals to develop and upgrade KM and SM practices in construction industry. 2019, IGI Global.
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