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Title: Investigations on the effect of ball burnishing parameters on surface hardness and wear resistance of HSLA dual-phase steels
Authors: Rao, D.S.
Hebbar, H.S.
Komaraiah, M.
Kempaiah, U.N.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2008, Vol.23, 3, pp.295-302
Abstract: Surface finish has a vital influence on most functional properties of a component like fatigue life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. This has given birth to processes such as lapping, honing, burnishing, etc. Burnishing is a fine finishing operation involving the cold working plastic deformation of surface layers to enhance the surface integrity and the functional utility of a component. The present study has been carried out to establish the effect of burnishing parameters viz. feed rate, speed, force, ball diameter and lubricant on surface hardness, and wear resistance of HSLA dual-phase steel specimens. The result indicates that burnishing parameters have significant effect on the surface hardness and wear resistance.
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