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Title: Influence of Ti, B and Sr on tribological properties of A356 alloy
Authors: Mallapur, D.G.
Udupa, K.R.
Kori, S.A.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Tribology - Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, 2011, Vol.5, 1, pp.34-42
Abstract: The wear behaviour of an A356 alloy has been investigated in this paper. To understand the wear behaviour of the materials, the experiments were carried out using a pin on disc testing machine at various combinations of normal pressure, sliding speed and sliding distances. Tribological results reveal that weight loss of A356 alloy increases with increasing normal pressure and decreases with increasing sliding speed. Also, the results at microlevel revealed a structural change from coarse columnar dendrites to fine equiaxed ones on the addition of grain refiner (Al and B) and furthermore, plate-like eutectic silicon to fine particles on addition of modifier (Sr). It is further noted in the present study that addition of modifier does not disturb the influence of grain refiner and vice versa. Abrasive wear mechanism was interrupted by the formation of microwelds and later by oxidation of the Al matrix. 2011 W. S. Maney & Son Ltd.
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