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Title: Influence of combined grain refinement and modification on the microstructure, tensile strength and wear properties of Al-15Si, Al-15Si-4.5Cu alloys
Authors: Channappagoudar, S.
Sannayallappa, N.
Desai, V.
Karodi, V.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: International Journal of Materials Research, 2015, Vol.106, 8, pp.962-969
Abstract: Microstructure, tensile strength and dry sliding wear studies of Al-15Si, Al-15Si-4.5Cu alloys with and without grain refinement and modifications are presented. Experimental alloys such as Al-15Si and Al-15Si-4.5Cu were conventionally melted and gravity die cast. For grain refinement, 1 wt.% of Al-1Ti-3B and for modification, 0.17 wt.% of aluminum phosphide (AlP) and 0.4 wt.% of Al-10Sr were added to the alloy melt. The results reveal refined microstructure due to grain refinement, modification, improved hardness, higher tensile strength and better sliding wear. Moreover, Al-15Si-4.5Cu alloy (untreated and treated) showed improved mechanical properties as compared to conventional hypereutectic Al-Si alloy. Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.
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