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Title: Heat transfer distribution of impinging flame and air jets - A comparative study
Authors: Kadam, A.R.
Tajik, A.R.
Hindasageri, V.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Applied Thermal Engineering, 2016, Vol.92, , pp.42-49
Abstract: Heat transfer distribution of impinging flame jet is compared with that of the impinging air jet based on the experimental data reported in literature for methane-air flame jet and air jet impingement for Reynolds number, R=600-1400 and the non-dimensional nozzle tip to impingement plate distance, Z/d=2-6. The comparative data based on mapping experimental data reported in literature suggest that there is a good agreement between the Nusselt numbers for higher Z/d near stagnation region. However, away from the stagnation region, the Nusselt number for flame jet is higher than that of air jet for similar operating conditions of Re and Z/d. A CFD simulation for impinging air jet and impinging flame jet is carried out to explain the physics and reason for the deviations observed in experimental data. A scale analysis is carried out to identify the dominant forces and their influence on the heat transfer distribution on the impingement plate. 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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