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Title: Hygrothermal effects on chopped fibre/woven fabric reinforced epoxy composites. Part B. Degradation studies
Authors: Singh, K.Shanker
Singh, P.N.
Rao, R.M.V.G.K.
Issue Date: 1991
Citation: Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 1991, Vol.10, 5, pp.457-462
Abstract: Studies were conducted on the degradation of short beam shear (SBS) and impact strength (Izod) properties of glass epoxy composite specimens with sequential arrangements of woven roving (WR) and chopped strand mat (CSM) reinforcements, (Figure 1 of Part A) immersed in water at two different temperatures (298 K, 323 K). It was found that composites with higher fibre content, though possesed of a higher initial shear strength, degraded faster than those with low fibre content. This was attributed to a thin resin layer separating the glass layers and a consequential increased surface area around the fibres for the moisture absorption. Further, it was noted that while the impact strength too degraded with exposure period, the degradation patterns are almost identical in all types of laminates within the limits of fibre resin ratio chosen.
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