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Title: Growth and characterization of vacuum deposited cadmium telluride thin films
Authors: Shreekanthan, K.N.
Kasturi, V.B.
Shivakumar, G.K.
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 2003, Vol.10, 5, pp.433-436
Abstract: Semiconducting thin films of cadmium telluride, both p-type and n-type, have been prepared by conventional thermal evaporation technique. The influence of various growth parameters such as the rate of deposition, deposition temperature, post-deposition heat treatment, and source material composition has been investigated. The films deposited at high deposition rates and low substrate temperatures exhibited an excess of tellurium and showed a p-type conductivity, whereas those deposited at high substrate temperature and low deposition rates contained excess cadmium and are n-type in nature. An intrinsic bandgap of 1.49 eV for stoichiometric films obtained by both electrical and optical characterization is reported.
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