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Title: Gridable Electric Vehicle (GEV) Aggregation in Distribution Network to Support Grid Requirements: A Communication Approach
Authors: Hampannavar, S.
Chavhan, S.
Yaragatti, Udaykumar R.
Naik, A.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, 2017, Vol.18, 3, pp.-
Abstract: Electric Vehicles (EV) can be connected to the grid for power transaction and also serve as distributed resource (DR) or distributed energy storage system (DESS). The concept of connecting group of EVs or gridable EVs (GEV) to the grid is called Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G). V2G is a prominent energy storage system as it is flexible and can be used to support the grid requirements in order to meet the time varying load demand. Optimal placement of GEV aggregation in power distribution network is very challenging and helps in maintaining stability of the power system for a shorter duration of time. In this paper, algorithm is developed for estimating parameters like Ploss, Qloss, Vpu based on past history and wireless access support for Control and Monitoring Unit (CMU) to aggregator agent communication is proposed using Long Term Evolution (LTE) protocol. The load flow studies are carried using MiPOWER software in order to obtain the optimal location for the placement of GEV aggregation in power distribution network. LTE physical layer is modeled using MATLAB/SIMULINK and the performance is analyzed using bit error rate (BER) v/s signal to noise ratio (SNR) curves. 2017 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston 2017.
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