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Title: Energy efficient routing protocols for wireless sensor networks: A survey
Authors: Shivaprakasha, K.S.
Kulkarni, M.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: International Review on Computers and Software, 2011, Vol.6, 6, pp.929-943
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have become one of the emerging trends of the modern communication systems. They find their applications in various fields like habitat monitoring, home automation, environment monitoring, battle field environment etc. WSNs are different from Mobile Adhoc Networks in the perspective of energy awareness, adaptive communication patterns and the routing algorithms. As the sensor devices are powered by batteries, which cannot be recharged often, the power awareness is one of the major requirements in WSNs. Many energy aware routing protocols have been proposed in the literature. In this survey, an attempt has been made to summarize the various energy aware routing protocols available in the literature and also a comparative analysis of these has been made considering various network parameters like the delay, routing overhead, QoS, type of routing protocol etc. 2011 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.
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