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Title: Energy dissipation in suspended porous pipe breakwaters in laboratory
Authors: Rao, S.
Rao, N.B.S.
Shirlal, K.G.
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Water and Energy International, 2003, Vol.60, 2, pp.24-31
Abstract: A laboratory investigation on a single row of suspended porous pipes is conducted in a two-dimensional wave flume to study their hydraulic performance under regular wave attack. The wave energy losses are computed and the effects of porosity, water depth, incident wave steepness and relative wave height on loss coefficient are studied. It is found that loss coefficient increases with an increase in incident wave steepness. Water depth has insignificant effect on K1 when wave steepness is varied. It is also observed that as porosity increases K1 decreases. For the range of variables studied, as the relative wave height increases, K1 decreases.
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