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Title: Feasibility of gurpur river at Malavoor as a sink for Bajpe town domestic waste disposal - A case study
Authors: Narayan, K.S.B.
Kumar, J.P.
Yaragal, S.C.
Shrihari, S.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Pollution Research, 2009, Vol.28, 2, pp.313-319
Abstract: Mangalore is one of the fast growing cities in Karnataka with improved infrastructure taking place in recent days. In view of rapid development in and around Mangalore city, the sub urban or rural areas around the city have started developing at a rapid rate. One such place is Bajpe where the town is growing very fast due to the expansion of activity of Bajpe Airport and upcoming SEZ projects. An attempt has been made to find out the load on River Gurupur, if the Bajpe town domestic waste is assumed to be disposed to River Gurupur at Malavoor bridge point downstream without any treatment. Experiments were conducted to find the parameters used to find out the dissolved oxygen (DO) consumption and replenishment in teh river body using BOD-DO river quality model developed by Streeter-Phelps (1925). Model formulation, analysis and the results obtained are discussed in the paper. Copyright Enviromedia.
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