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Title: Fabrication and performance evaluation of hybrid supercapacitor electrodes based on carbon nanotubes and sputtered TiO2
Authors: Aravinda, L.S.
Nagaraja, K.K.
Nagaraja, H.S.
Bhat, K.U.
Bhat, B.R.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Nanotechnology, 2016, Vol.27, 31, pp.-
Abstract: We report a simple and eco-friendly method for the fabrication of a titanium dioxide/functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube (TiO2/FMWCNT) composite electrode for use in supercapacitors. The nanocomposite electrodes were formed by depositing titanium dioxide onto FMWCNTs using reactive magnetron sputtering, thus providing a green roue for the formation of the binder-free composite electrode. It is shown that the electrochemical performance of the fabricated electrodes can be altered by tuning the thickness of the titanium dioxide overlayer. The integrated nanocomposite electrode showed an improved specific capacitance of 90 Fg-1 in two-electrode configuration. 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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