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Title: Experimental study on rate of solidification of centrifugal casting
Authors: Madhusudhan
Narendranath, S.
Mohankumar, G.C.
Mukunda, P.G.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 2010, Vol.5, 1, pp.101-105
Abstract: Centrifugal casting is a process of producing casting by causing molten metal to solidify in rotating moulds. The quality of the final casting is mainly depending upon the flow pattern of the molten metal and rate of solidification, which in term depends upon the rotational speeds of the mould. Experiments have been conducted by rotating a partially filled horizontal axis cylinder at different rotational speeds and also at different fluid temperatures. Cooling rates of the liquids were observed at different rotational speeds, which depend upon the relative movement between the inner surface of the rotating mould and the fluid. This study gives us some insight into the effect of rotational speed on solidification rate of centrifugal casting. Micro structures of centrifugally cast Al-12 Si castings are also exhibit the same behavior for different rotational speeds.
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