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Title: Experimental study of machinability factors in machining of AL6061-B4C composites: DoE approach
Authors: Badiger, P.V.
Kumar, S.
Auradi, V.
Hiremath, V.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies, 2018, Vol.10, 2, pp.18-23
Abstract: In the present work the surface generation is studied during dry turning of Al6061-B4C metal-matrix composites, and was investigated based on analytical approaches which include DoE analysis. Al6061 is reinforced with B4C MMC s were produced using stir casting method. The prepared MMC s were characterized under SEM, EDAX and XRD tests. The tests were confirmed the B4C were fairly distributed in Al6061 alloy. Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) brazed tool is used for machining of MMC s. Analytical approach was performed to explore the inter-relation between the process parameters, and its effect on surface roughness, cutting forces, tool tip temperature and built-up edge. The effects of machining parameters like speed, feed, depth of cut is varied to level-3 with a confidence level of 95%, and responses of machinability cutting forces were measured using lathe tool dynamometer, surface roughness using surface tester and temperature measured using heat gun. After the machining the tool tip is adhered with built up edge which is measured in INSIZE Microscope Analyzer. 2018 International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies.
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