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Title: Electroleaching of Zinc leach residues
Authors: Bhat, K.L.
Natarajan, K.A.
Ramachandran, T.
Issue Date: 1987
Citation: Hydrometallurgy, 1987, Vol.18, 3, pp.287-303
Abstract: A room-temperature cathodic electrolytic process was developed in the laboratory to recover zinc from industrial leach residues. The various parameters affecting the electroleaching process were studied using a statistically designed experiment. To understand the mechanisms behind the electrode processes, cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic studies were carried out. The role of Einh measurements in monitoring such an electroleaching procedure is also shown. Since significant amounts of iron were also present in the leach liquor, attempts were made to purify it before zinc recovery by electrowinning. Reductive dissolution and creation of anion vacancies were found to be responsible for the dissolution of zinc ferrite present in the leach residue. A flow sheet of the process is given. 1987.
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