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Title: Electrodeposition and characterisation of zinc-nickel alloy
Authors: Thangaraj, V.
Hegde, A.C.
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Bulletin of Electrochemistry, 2006, Vol.22, 2, pp.49-53
Abstract: Electrochemically alloys can be designed to produce different corrosion potentials than their alloying elements. This paper deals with investigations on the development of a stable acid chloride bath of zinc-nickel alloy on mild steel in presence of sulphamic acid as brightener. A suitable bath is reported on the basis of Hull Cell studies. The effect of bath variables and operating parameters were studied and discussed. Plating efficiency and the composition of the alloy were determined. Effects of operating parameters on the deposition characteristics and properties were also reported. The corrosion properties of zinc-nickel alloy plating were studied under different operating conditions of the bath after passivation. It was found that the optimized bath composition gave bright and smooth zinc-nickel alloy plating with high performance against corrosion.
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