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Title: Dependence of the 0.5 (2e2/h) conductance plateau on the aspect ratio of InAs quantum point contacts with in-plane side gates
Authors: Das, P.P.
Jones, A.
Cahay, M.
Kalita, S.
Mal, S.S.
Sterin, N.S.
Yadunath, T.R.
Advaitha, M.
Herbert, S.T.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics, 2017, Vol.121, 8, pp.-
Abstract: The observation of a 0.5 (2e2/h) conductance plateau in asymmetrically biased quantum point contacts (QPCs) with in-plane side gates (SGs) has been attributed to the onset of spin-polarized current through these structures. For InAs QPCs with the same width but a longer channel length, there is roughly a fourfold increase in the range of common sweep voltage applied to the SGs over which the 0.5 (2e2/h) plateau is observed when the QPC aspect ratio (ratio of length over the width of the narrow portion of the structure) is increased by a factor 3. Non-equilibrium Green's function simulations indicate that the increase in the size of the 0.5 (2e2/h) plateau is due to an increased importance, over a larger range of common sweep voltage, of the effects of electron-electron interactions in QPC devices with a larger aspect ratio. The use of asymmetrically biased QPCs with in-plane SGs and large aspect ratio could therefore pave the way to build robust spin injectors and detectors for the successful implementation of spin field effect transistors. 2017 Author(s).
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