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Title: Effect of oxygen enrichment of intake air on the performance and emission of single cylinder CI engine fueled with cardanol blends
Authors: Dinesha, P.
Mohanan, P.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy Journal, 2015, Vol.30, 1, pp.6-14
Abstract: In this study, the effect of intake air enrichment on the performance and emission characteristics of a single-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine fueled with non edible oil namely Cardanol-diesel-methanol blend (B20M10) are investigated. With increase of intake air oxygen concentration, CO and HC decreased while brake thermal efficiency and NOx considerably increased. The maximum Brake Thermal Efficiency of 33.98% is obtained for B20M10 with 7% oxygen enrichment of intake air. Maximum NOx emission 20% is obtained for B20M10 with 7% oxygen enrichment for the full load condition. Decreases of 20% and 14.5% in CO emission are obtained for B20M10, over B20M10 with 7% oxygen enrichment, where as 76.8% and 74% decrease in hydrocarbon emission is obtained over B20M10 without oxygen enrichment.
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