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Title: Effect of microstructure on the fatigue strength of an austempered ductile iron
Authors: Shanmugam, P.
Prasad, Rao, P.
Rajendra, Udupa, K.
Venkataraman, N.
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: Journal of Materials Science, 1994, Vol.29, 18, pp.4933-4940
Abstract: Rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out on austempered ductile iron containing 1.5 wt% nickel and 0.3 wt% molybdenum. The ductile iron was austenitized at 900 or 1050 C and then austempered at 280 or 400 C for different lengths of time to obtain different microstructures. The fatigue strength was correlated with the amount of retained austenite and its carbon content, which were both determined by X-ray diffraction technique. While the tensile strength decreased with increasing retained austenite content, the fatigue strength was found to increase. Carbide precipitation was found to be detrimental to fatigue strength. Lower austenitizing temperature resulted in better fatigue strength. 1994 Chapman & Hall.
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