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Title: Effect of hydraulic conductivity on soil moisture uptake under saline conditions for wheat crop
Authors: Devatha, C.P.
Ojha, C.S.P.
Hari, Prasad, K.S.
Thalla, A.K.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2013, Vol.19, 2, pp.111-120
Abstract: Salinity in soil can decrease plant available water and cause plant stress. The pattern of root water uptake for wheat was studied for saline as well as non-saline condition using non-linear root water uptake model. Experiments have been conducted using a salinity level of 4 dS/m and freshwater condition. The effect of salinity on soil moisture has been studied by varying the crop coefficient as well as hydraulic conductivity. The correction factor to the crop coefficient approach is found to be unsuccessful. However, the correction factor to the hydraulic conductivity for a non-saline condition improves the simulation of soil moisture uptake in case of saline soils. The exponential form of the equation is established for the hydraulic conductivity to soil moisture relationship under salinity level and freshwater sample. The present work also substantiates that the non-linearity parameter of root water uptake model (O-R model) is successful in simulation of soil moisture depletion in the crop root zone and does not vary more than 10% in case of saline soils. 2013 Indian Society for Hydraulics.
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