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Title: Effect of grain refinement on the performance of AZ80 Mg alloys during wear and corrosion
Authors: Naik, G.M.
Gote, G.D.
Narendranath, S.
Satheesh, Kumar, S.S.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Advances in Materials Research (South Korea), 2018, Vol.7, 2, pp.105-118
Abstract: Magnesium and its alloys are attracted towards all engineering applications like automotive, marine, aerospace etc. due to its inherent high strength to weight ratio. But, extensive use of Mg alloys is limited to the current scenario because of low wear and corrosion resistance behavior. However, equal channel angular press is one of the severe plastic deformation technique which has been effective method to improve the wear and corrosion resistance by achieving fine grain structure. In this study, the effect of grain refinement on wear and corrosion resistance of AZ80 Mg alloys were investigated. The wear behavior of the coarse and fine-grained Mg alloys was examined through L9 orthogonal array experiments in order to comprehend the wear behavior under varies control parameters. It was shown that ECAPed alloy increased the wear and corrosion resistance of the Mg alloy through the formation of fine grain and uniform distribution of secondary beta - phase. Also, the performance of AZ80 Mg alloy for these changes was discussed through SEM morphology. 2018 Techno-Press, Ltd.
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