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Title: Dynamic performance of microturbine generation system connected to a grid
Authors: Gaonkar, D.N.
Pillai, G.N.
Patel, R.N.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Electric Power Components and Systems, 2008, Vol.36, 10, pp.1031-1047
Abstract: The interconnection of distribution generation systems into distribution networks has great impact on real-time system operation, control, and planning. It is widely accepted that microturbine generation (MTG) systems are currently attracting a lot of attention to meet customers' needs in the distributed power generation market. In order to investigate the performance of MTG systems, their efficient modeling is required. This article presents the dynamic model of an MTG system, suitable for grid connection to study the performance of the MTG system. The presented model uses back-to-back power electronic converter topology for grid connection, which allows the bidirectional power flow between the grid and MTG system. Thus, the need of separate starting arrangements during launching of the microturbine is avoided. The components of the system are built from the dynamics of each part with their interconnections. The dynamics of the model have been studied under various grid disturbance conditions. The converter control strategies for MTG system operation in grid-connected mode are presented in this article. This article also compares the various grid connection topologies suitable for MTG system interconnection. The simulation results show that the developed model performance is not affected by the grid disturbances considered in the study, and that it has the ability to adjust the supply as per the power requirements of the load within the MTG system rating.
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