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Title: Dynamic blocked transfer stiffness method of characterizing the magnetic field and frequency dependent dynamic viscoelastic properties of MRE
Authors: Poojary, U.R.
Hegde, S.
Gangadharan, K.V.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Korea Australia Rheology Journal, 2016, Vol.28, 4, pp.301-313
Abstract: Magneto rheological elastomer (MRE) is a potential resilient element for the semi active vibration isolator. MRE based isolators adapt to different frequency of vibrations arising from the source to isolate the structure over wider frequency range. The performance of MRE isolator depends on the magnetic field and frequency dependent characteristics of MRE. Present study is focused on experimentally evaluating the dynamic stiffness and loss factor of MRE through dynamic blocked transfer stiffness method. The dynamic stiffness variations of MRE exhibit strong magnetic field and mild frequency dependency. Enhancements in dynamic stiffness saturate with the increase in magnetic field and the frequency. The inconsistent variations of loss factor with the magnetic field substantiate the inability of MRE to have independent control over its damping characteristics. 2016 The Korean Society of Rheology and Springer.
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