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Title: Direct synthesis of phenol from benzene on iron-impregnated activated carbon catalysts
Authors: Choi, J.-S.
Kim, T.-H.
Choo, K.-Y.
Sung, J.-S.
Saidutta, M.B.
Ryu, S.-O.
Song, S.-D.
Ramachandra, B.
Rhee, Y.-W.
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Applied Catalysis A: General, 2005, Vol.290, 43862, pp.1-8
Abstract: The direct conversion of benzene to phenol by hydroxylation with hydrogen peroxide was carried out over catalysts containing iron impregnated on activated carbon. Iron was impregnated on various surface modified activated carbons. The catalyst that was made by treating activated carbon with nitric acid, that was treated thermally in the presence of nitrogen at 600 C and impregnated with 5 wt.% iron, gave a phenol yield of 20%. It was found that the synergistic interactions of surface groups and the impregnated iron have enhanced the performance of these catalysts. 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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