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Title: Determination of transient and steady state cutting in face milling operation using recurrence quantification analysis
Authors: Mhalsekar, S.D.
Mohan, G.
Rao, S.S.
Gangadharan, K.V.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2009, Vol.4, 10, pp.36-46
Abstract: Typical face milling operation involves transient and steady state cutting phases. Identification and distinction of the cutting state will primarily help in understanding the fundamentals of forced vibration, deflection and dynamic stability in milling system at the beginning and end of a cutting pass. Such type of investigation has advantages in process planning, tool geometry optimization and on-line fault diagnosis. An effort to provide estimation of transient and steady state cutting has been made using Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) of vibration signals. RQA is a novel nonlinear analytical tool. It starts with construction of recurrence plot using embedded dimension and time delay. The recurrence plot is than quantified resulting in RQA. Face milling of H11 chromium steel has been carried out at two different cutting conditions and analyzed. The resulting RQA parameters could identify and distinguish transient and steady state cutting. 2006-2009 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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