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Title: Assessment of the Performance of Sn 3.5Ag/Cu Solder Joint Under Multiple Reflows, Thermal Cycling and Corrosive Environment
Authors: Samuel, A.
Tikale, S.
Prabhu, K.N.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 2018, Vol.71, 11, pp.2687-2691
Abstract: The solder joint performance of Sn 3.5Ag/Cu combination was studied under multiple reflows, thermal cycling and exposure to the corrosive environment. Factorial experiment was carried out to assess the effect of individual parameters and the interaction of parameters on the shear strength of the solder joint. The results showed that the combination of thermal cycling and immersion in corrosive media resulted in the maximum decrease in the shear strength followed by the combination of multiple reflows and corrosive media. The shear strength reduced with the increase in immersion duration in corrosion medium. Factorial experiment was analyzed using analyis of variance (ANOVA). The results indicated that the individual parameters had a significant effect, whereas the effect of interaction of these parameters was less significant on the performance of the solder joint. Fracture surface indicated mixed mode of failure and the occurrence of fracture predominantly in the bulk solder. 2018, The Indian Institute of Metals - IIM.
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