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Title: Cobalt Schiff Base Immobilized on a Graphene Nanosheet with N, O Linkage for Cross-Coupling Reaction
Authors: Saroja, A.
Bhat, B.R.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2019, Vol.58, 2, pp.590-601
Abstract: A simple and direct pathway to synthesize heterogeneous catalyst by covalently immobilizing a cobalt Schiff base complex on the surface of amino functionalized graphene oxide for the cross coupling of aryl halides and arylboronic acids is reported. The as synthesized samples were characterized using various spectroscopic techniques and thermal analysis to attain their structural and functional features. The analysis confirmed that the Co bounded to the ligand using bi(N, O) linkage and the Co Schiff base complex immobilized onto the functionalized graphene oxide through its amino moiety. The catalytic investigation confirmed the product yield up to 96.5% for the Suzuki cross coupling using gas chromatography. ICP analysis shows that the central active metal is 85% in its catalyst even after the fifth iteration. High product yield, environmentally benign, easy workup, easy filtration of catalyst, and mild reaction conditions are the main facets of this catalyst. Copyright 2018 American Chemical Society.
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