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Title: Coastal erosion and mitigation methods - global state of art
Authors: Hegde, A.V.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 2010, Vol.39, 4, pp.521-530
Abstract: Coastal erosion is assuming large proportions these days. Global climate change coupled with local attributes is eroding the coasts of the world in alarming proportions. Most of the conventional protection methods are hard, short lived, expensive and not eco-friendly. Trend in coastal erosion mitigation and protection has been shifting these days towards soft but novel, eco-friendly methods. Pro-active methods are being developed and used which are eco-friendly, construction-friendly, cheaper and which also reasonably address the root cause of the problem without much 'side effects'. Many non-traditional ways to armor, stabilize or restore beaches, including the use of patented precast concrete units, geotextile sand-filled bags, green belts, bio-engineering, sand fencing, beach-face dewatering systems, integrated costal protection methods are being used. Retreat from the coast is also thought about, in many circles. Present study consists the global coastal erosion scenario and also some of the state of the art soft and pro-active erosion mitigation methods.
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