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Title: Characterization of short E-glass fiber reinforcedgraphite and bronze filled epoxy matrix composites
Authors: Patil, N.
Prasad, K.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, 2016, Vol.13, 1, pp.28-36
Abstract: The mechanical characterization of short E- glass fiber reinforced, graphite and sintered bronze filled epoxy composite was carried out in this study. The aim of the present study was to develop tribological engineering material. In this study the flexural strength, theoretical and experimental density, Hardness and Impact strength of composites was investigated experimentally. The results showed that the increased percentage of graphite (10 to 15%Vol) and Eglass fiber (10 to 15%Vol) enhanced flexural strength (149 MPa) of the composite and the maximum flexural modulus (13.3 GPa and 13.1 GPa) was obtained for composite C2 and C5 respectively. Maximum hardness (84 on L scale) and impact energy (90 Joule) was obtained for the composite C6 with increased percentage of glass fiber and graphite filler. The metallurgical electron microscopic images were discussed to interpret the effect of graphite and sintered bronze on mechanical characterization of composite. 2016, Iran University of Science and Technology. All rights reserved.
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