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Title: Buckling analysis of skew magneto-electro-elastic plates under in-plane loading
Authors: Kiran, M.C.
Kattimani, Subhas Chandra
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 2018, Vol.29, 10, pp.2206-2222
Abstract: This article deals with the study of buckling behaviour of multilayered skew magneto-electro-elastic plate under uniaxial and biaxial in-plane loadings. The skew edges of the skew magneto-electro-elastic plate are obtained by transforming the local skew coordinate to the global using a transformation matrix. The displacement fields corresponding to the first-order shear deformation theory along with constitutive equations of magneto-electro-elastic materials are used to develop a finite element model. The finite element model encompasses the coupling between electric, magnetic and elastic fields. The in-plane stress distribution within the skew magneto-electro-elastic plate due to the enacted force is considered to be equivalent to the applied in-plane compressive loads in the pre-buckling range. This stress distribution is used to derive the potential energy functional of the skew magneto-electro-elastic plate. The non-dimensional critical buckling load is attained from the solution of the allied linear eigenvalue problem. Influence of skew angle, stacking sequence, span-to-thickness ratio, aspect ratio and boundary condition on the critical buckling load and their corresponding mode shapes is investigated. 2018, The Author(s) 2018.
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