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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Investigation on dielectric properties of solid silicone rubber particulate compositesShankar, B S Manohar.Kulkarni, S M.
2020An Experimental Investigation on Properties of Cu-Al-Be-X Shape Memory Alloys for Smart Structure ApplicationsNarasimha, G Bala.Murigendrappa, S. M.
2020Investigation on the Dynamics of Flexible Filaments in Viscous FluidKanchan, Mithun Vijay.M, Ranjith.
2020Mechanical and ThermoMechanical Properties of Woven Sisal Fiber Reinforced Biodegradable CompositesM, Nagamadhu.Kumar, G C Mohan.; Jeyaraj, P.
2020Development and characterization of Al-Si based functionally graded material through Directional SolidificationN, Ramesh Babu.Ramesh, M R.
2020Performance Evaluation of Flexible Jute-Natural Rubber Composites for Impact BehaviourM, Vishwas.Joladarashi, Sharnappa.; Kulkarni, S M.
2020Inverse Estimation of Multi- Parameters Using Bayesian Framework Combined with Evolutionary Algorithms for Heat Transfer ProblemsS, Vishweshwara P.Gnanasekaran, N.; M, Arun.
2020Investigation on Wire Electro Discharge Machining Characteristics of TiNiCu Shape Memory AlloysRoy, Abhinaba.S, Narendranath.
2020Effect of Equal Channel Angular Extrusion on Microstructure Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Wrought AZ-Magnesium AlloysNaik, Gajanan M.S, Narendranath.
2020Grain Refinement and Surface Modification Technique by Equal Channel Angular Pressing and Laser Shock Peening on Magnesium AlloyR, Praveen T.Nayaka, H Shivananda.